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Delight your customers by providing real time audio to smartphones at fitness centers, sports bars, movie theaters, and business or social functions among other applications
  • Connect AudioFetch to a Wireless Access Point
  • Connect audio sources to any one of the 3 input options (analog, optical, or digital coax) per channel
  • Users download the AudioFetch App at iTunes and Google Play stores to enjoy the audio.

AudioFetch is revolutionizing how your customers listen to TV, music, or other audio!


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The AudioFetch System

The AudioFetch App The AudioFetch App is the heart of AudioFetch. Available for free, for anyone to download to their smartphone, and immediately start streaming from an AudioFetch-connected audio source.

Get on Google Play   7122144521


Transmitter Our 900MHz audio transmitter broadcasts crystal-clear audio from your TV, recorded message, or other source (accepts digital optical, digital coax & analog inputs). At only 5½"x1½", the transmitter is compact enough to fit behind your TV, out of sight.


Accordio Available in 4-channel and 8-channel variants, the Accordio receives audio from the transmitters. Multiple Accordios can be combined for more than 36 channels.

The AudioFetch System

The AudioFetch System The AudioFetch system transmits your audio source onto a local WiFi network so that it can be picked up by the AudioFetch App. AudioFetch is available in 4, 8, 12, and 16+ channel configurations. These can be combined for more than 64 channels.


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AudioFetch is a full service streaming audio solution for fitness centers, and sports pubs.

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